Top Labuan Bajo Tour Packages

Labuan Bajo is located in East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. It is a small town that has become the capital city of West Manggarai. The town offers a lot of beautiful destinations to visit. Top Labuan Bajo tour packages will accommodate all the activities during your stay there.

At Komodo Wisata you can find many Labuan Bajo tours to book. There are a variety of day tours and overnights. You can also book dive tour packages in Komodo National Park. Enjoy staying on the boat during your Komodo sailing from Labuan Bajo.

Labuan Bajo tourism is one of the main destinations to visit while holidaying in Indonesia. This is a popular destination that is only a 1 1/2 hour flight from Bali. You can prefer to stay overnight in Labuan Bajo or direct tour to the destination in Komodo.

One of the best day tours is the Labuan Bajo snorkeling tour package. This tour will allow you to visit places in Komodo National Park. You can also combine it with day tours around Labuan Bajo. Enjoy snorkeling at one of the best Indonesian snorkeling spots.

If you have more time on your holiday, you can join Paket Tour Labuan Bajo 5 Hari 4 Malam. The tour package will include a 3-day visit to Komodo National Park. For the remaining 2 days visit Wae Rebo village and ricefield in Ruteng.

4 Top Labuan Bajo Tour Packages

Komodo Wisata has selected all the best Labuan Bajo tour packages that suit your travel style. We have accommodated day tours and overnight tour packages. Our team has 10 years of experience in the tourism area.

Tour Labuan Bajo Murah is the best day tour to book if you don’t have enough time. You will enjoy a day tour by speedboat to Komodo National Park and will visit 6 places. The other way is to book a half-day tour to Goa Rangko cave in Labuan Bajo.

If you have a problem with your activity, you can visit our Labuan Bajo tourist information center in the main tourist area. There you can find any information about getting around the town or things to do. Enjoy your day tour with our professional tour guide.

Labuan Bajo Cruise tour is a special program to accommodate those who are coming from the cruise line. We are available daily with luxury Phinisi boats and professional tour guides. Enjoy your day tour package around Labuan Bajo and Komodo National Park.

Below are the top Labuan Bajo tours to book:

  1. Full-Day tour on the speedboat to Komodo National Park. The tour will start at 06.00 am from Labuan Bajo. You will visit 6 places in Komodo National Park. Enjoy snorkeling, trekking, and Komodo adventure.
  2. One-Day tour to Cunca Rami Waterfall. The tour will accommodate daily activities by visiting Cunca Rami waterfall, Melo village, Batu Cermin, and Bukit Sylvia hill.
  3. Goa Rangko Cave Day tour. This is a half-day tour visiting one of the popular destinations in Labuan Bajo. Enjoy boat tours, trekking, and swimming in the natural pool inside Goa Rangko cave.
  4. Cunca Wulang Day tour. You will visit Cunca Wulang waterfall, Melo village, Batu Cermin, and Bukit Sylvia hill. Enjoy your day exploring Labuan Bajo and beyond.

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All tour packages include tour guides and hotel transfers.

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