Enjoying relaxing time at home while enjoying the atmosphere of your house which is well arranged, of course, will give your soul satisfaction. Talking about a room that is well organized, it would be nice if the room was decorated with high-quality furniture such as teak furniture.

In fact, in the past, sailors used teak wood as a material for building ships. This is done because teak wood has very strong and durable properties compared to other types of wood. So even though the price of teak furniture is often higher than other types of furniture, its durability and quality are unquestionable.

Besides being resistant to water, teak wood is also resistant to termites and various other types of insects. Termites and various other types of insects will not be a match for this one wood. This is because teak wood has a unique ability to retain its natural oil content even after experiencing various furniture manufacturing processes. This natural oil content is what these insects do not like.

In addition, this natural oil also protects furniture from fungi and parasites. Furniture made of other types of wood usually requires oil polishing and other weather-resistant treatments to avoid these problems, but you don’t need this special care if you use teak furniture.

Why is this important? Interior furniture will not be exposed to water often? In Indonesia, the humid air makes fungus can grow anywhere easily, especially if the area of ​​your house is frequently flooded.

Indonesia itself is well-known as one of the quality indoor teak furniture manufacturers. Teak is the best wood for indoor and outdoor furniture. There is no furniture that is higher quality than teak furniture. You will definitely not regret choosing teak furniture as furniture that complements the look of your home. The strong and durable nature of teak wood will make your teak furniture last for decades with your family.

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